Sunday, Feb 17, 2019


Our Vision

Harmoniously uniting communities by engaging our customers in healthy lifestyles.

Our Core Values

  • Thinking - Being mindful and innovative.

  • Respect - For mother earth, our colleagues, and those we serve.

  • Reciprocity - To give and take with humbleness, grace, and thankfulness.

  • Discipline - We will be role models, do what we say, and respect ourselves and others.

  • Diligence - The things we do are not easy, we will not give in or give up.

  • Relationships - Build and sustain K'é and strong connections with the community, patients, and colleagues.

  • Spirituality - We will constantly think about what we believe in and acknowledge that guidance is received from reverence.

  • Impression - Put forth the best of efforts to impress upon others the strengths of character and professionalism of skills.

HÓZHÓ Embedded Healthcare

The Diné have always been guided and protected by the immutable laws provided by the Diyin, the Diyin Diné'e, nahasdzáán and Yadiłhił; these laws have not only provided sanctuary for the Diné Life Way but has guided, sustained and protected the Diné as they journeyed upon and off the sacred lands upon which they were placed since time immemorial (Navajo Nation Code, Titles 1 to 5, 2005).

Each department at TMC and NDHC will offer Hózhó oriented health care for all patients. Hózhó is a well-balanced orientation to life that encompasses K'é, holism, unity, and harmony. Patient care and patient safety will uphold Hózhó. Healthcare that incorporates Hózhó brings joy, happiness, peace and beauty to the diagnosis and treatment of all patients at the three levels of health interventions: primary, secondary and tertiary.

Strategic Patient Care Planning Model

The "Patient Focus" model is to heal the patient's mind, body and spirit. This is an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates K'é, (Diné way of life, relationships), caring, quality service, community partnership (inclusive organization) and an effective, transparent organization.